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We belong to the digital era where learning has become most accessible on the internet. People who are eager to learn take a step forward and beyond the books to learn from the various sources of expertise out there. Glass Academy’s Elearning is one such platform where the industry experts have come together to form a curriculum that would benefit students, architects and faculty in the various dimensions of Glass learning. Offering numerous courses in diverse specializations, we aim to provide guidance and mentorship through our seamless learning platform.

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“Building Envelope Design has become a specialised field. With several Codes emphasizing Energy Efficiency to buildings becoming operative both on mandatory basis as well as on voluntary basis, it is essential that the Building Envelope Design not only satisfies aesthetic requirements but also meets Energy Criteria for reducing the Energy Footprint of buildings. Enhancing daylighting for interior spaces, providing views to the outside for its occupants, improving building’s overall thermal performance, addressing acoustic requirements of the inner spaces are all to be taken into consideration during Envelope Design.”

– Ar.C N Raghavendran on ‘Building Envelope Design’


“Glass is one of the key elements that lends aesthetic and functional value to a building. Judicious usage of glass is crucial to achieving energy efficiency and comfort in any building. GRIHA , the national rating system for green buildings lays significant emphasis on usage of optimum quantity and quality of glass. This e learning module is designed to educate the users on specified usage of glass in GRIHA registered buildings. The system has been adapted and incentivised by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India.”

– Ms.Mili Majumdar on ‘ Role of Glass in GRIHA Rating System’

Learning beyond the books

We offer around 80 learning modules in fields of Sustainable design, structural design, Building Envelope Design, Green building Rating system, Glass Processing and many more. Browse our catalog to view our courses. Join a class to know about the other trending and technique-oriented courses from our Learning management system.

Understanding Energy Performance of Glass, Safety & Security
Course highlights
Characteristics of Monolithic, Laminated and Double Glazed Units
Course highlights
Design strategies for green buildings and material optimization
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Acoustic Characteristics of Monolithic, Laminated and DGU
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A great course with a lot of exposure to techniques. Would love to pursue a practical session on this course . Highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in Material optimization and Green Building principles.– Rajesh Kukanoor