Season 2

A successful season of learning

After a successful season with the experts on harnessing Daylighting,had another successful season themed around “Achieving Energy Efficiency through Building Envelope”.

Webinar Sessions in Collaboration with FOSG

Glass Academy in association with FOSG, presented a webinar series based on 'Glass Application in Architecture'. We had a very successful learning season with more than 400 registrations.

Enlighted Spaces - Season 2

The enlightened spaces is an initiative by Glass Academy towards continuing education. Learning from the field experts whom we also call as Guru’s, is what makes the learning experience complete.

Enlightened spaces is a webinar series presented by the who’s who in the world of Design and Architecture. Available on a global platform, as a series of interactive webinar sessions, we aim to collaborate expert intelligence and inquisitive minds in the field of Glass Architecture. Insightful sessions on recent tools, trends and strategies on various areas on modern building technologies is what Enlightened spaces is all about.

Apr, 29 2016 Mr. Gurneet Singh

Senior Green Building Analyst & Expert Trainer, Director – Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

May, 27 2016 Ar. Sandeep Shikre

CEO, Sandeep Shikre and Associates, Mumbai

Jun, 24 2016 Mr. Ashish Rakheja

Partner and MD, AEON Integrated Building Design Consultants, New Delhi

Jul, 29 2016 Mr. Deepak Gupta

Director, DEMA consulting private limited, New Delhi

Aug, 26 2016 Mr. Mahesh Arumugam

Director MFT India

Sep, 30 2016 Mr. Antony John

Engineering Director, Schuco India

Oct, 28 2016 Mr. Guruprakash Sastry

Senior Manage, Green Initiatives, Infosys Limited, Bangalore

Nov, 25 2016 Ar. Meghana Dutta

Founder & Partner Studio Decode, Bangalore

Dec, 30 2016 Mr. T.S. Karthik Narayan

Expert Trainer USGBC and Director En3 Sustainability Solutions

Jan, 27 2017 Ar. Sheetal Rakheja

Managing Partner AEON Design & Development

Reaching across horizons




eminent field speakers


man hours of enlightenement


A privilege to attend interesting sessions in glass by experts like Gurneet Singh and Sandeep Shikre. Such brain-storming discussions and new perspectives on glass. Look forward to the upcoming session by Ashish Rakheja.

-- Priya Jadeja

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Bringing you an exclusive record of ideas on daylighting shared on 'Enlightened Spaces' - the most popular series of Webinars presented by the Energy Experts and Architectural Gurus of India.

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