Skill Building

Bridging the Gap

Glass contributes to a completely different and elevated level of architecture in your buildings. Although glass looks sleek and simple, to design, create, manufacture, and fix it, one needs an extreme talent and a lot of skills. With both residential and commercial complexes going through a major transformation in all parts of the globe, there are a plenty of options for workforce in all sectors of glass processing.

Need of the hour

With over Rs. 4000 crores worth of glass used in building industry, glass industry is one of the most sought after industry. However, there are creases in skills as due to poor/unskilled workmanship, installation and glass processing fields have a big blow. The main goal of skill building at The Glass Academy is to train interested and related individuals in the various skills related to glazing, glass design, processing, and installation.

Empowering Workforces

National Skill Qualification Framework trains candidates at different levels of education to help in the glazing industry for Fenestration and interiors helpers, Facade contractors and Glass Processing technicians.

Train the Trainers Program

A curriculum developed by the Glass academy board members and industry experts, to train those who train the work forces. With both theoretical and practical training, the objective is to be an industry-professional-academia interface that would pioneer the workforce in Glass.

Glass Processing Technology

At The Glass Academy, with enriched learning through animated modules, glass processing technology is taught through instructional design strategies that provides hands-on experience and training to the partakers. Learning center here is well-established and the participants are taken on industry visits that provides them with first hand industry experience of the related industry.

Building Façade Technology

Façade technology is the most critical as well the complex part of glazing. Façade can make or break a well-crafted design of the building. At The Glass Academy, the curriculum is on par with the international industry standards; with extremely trained sources from academia and industry professionals, façade building skills are taught with a practical approach.

Empowering Work forces: NSFQ Level 3&4

With a distinguished panel of experts from academia and industry, The Glass Academy offers skill building via skill institute, where there is something for every qualification level. Be it for helper role, operator role, or supervisor role, there is a skill building course for everyone

  • Learning Center Establishment and practical training with industry exposure through plant/ site visits
  • Enriched Learning through Animated modules by using instructional Design Strategies
  • Enriched learning through Industry experts session online and practical demonstration sessions along with supplementary videos

A step ahead in Training: NSFQ Level 1&2

At Skill Gurukul, we offer a fit-for- purpose model that facilitates the sourcing of candidates. This is open for certified as well as semi-skilled technicians. With customized training programs, we aim to improve industry standards by training each individual based on specific needs and skill set.

The process sources candidates through NGO’s. Sponsored candidates are trained in Skill Gurukul as Fitter Technicians. With practical experience from on the job training, these candidates are trained to become Industry fit semi-skilled technicians.