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Topic : "Harnessing energy efficiency: The role of double glazed and solar controlled glass in modern architecture"
Speaker : Ar. Faiza Khan & Ms. Kaarnika

Date : 10th July 2024, Wednesday at 3PM

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Greetings from Glass Academy Foundation!

Enlightened Spaces by Glass Academy is a series of thematic webinars presented by eminent industry and academia personalities, wherein various concepts and applications in the building space will be highlighted. We at Glass Academy, in association with Ethos, are excited to announce that this year’s theme predominantly focuses on the versatility and importance of glass in architecture.

Glass, a material that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics, has revolutionised modern architecture and construction. Our webinars will explore every aspect of architectural glass design, from foundational principles to cutting-edge glass installation techniques. Discover how glass transforms spaces, creates sustainable solutions, and pushes the boundaries of architectural innovation.

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A privilege to attend interesting sessions in glass by experts like Gurneet Singh and Sandeep Shikre. Such brain-storming discussions and new perspectives on glass. Look forward to the upcoming session by Ashish Rakheja.

-- Priya Jadeja

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