Glass Curriculum


Institutes across the country focus on strengthening the basics in the field of architecture . With the urge of keeping students updated on recent trends and technology, Glass Academy has started an Initiative called Glass Curriculum. Having structured and designed a 3-elective course addressing the needs of contemporary building architecture for students .
We also provide a curriculum that facilitates quality improvement of faculty through a Faculty Development Program. A panel of experts in the field of glass have contributed to developing this curriculum.

A Curriculum Created For Glass Intellects

With recent trends and developments highlighted in the course, the glass curriculum is a futuristic program of study that is beneficial for anyone who is in the field of architecture and construction. Primarily formulated to overpass any fissure between the industry and academic field, this curriculum facilitates effective and practical learning module. A curriculum facilitated by the Glass Academy Foundation

  • Owing to the extensive usage of Structural glass in buildings
  • For the right selection & implementation of glass using right practices
  • To create awareness on the recent tools and trends

1 week program

1200+ hours of training imparted

10+ sessions by industry experts

Industrial visits for hands on experience


manhours of training


industry sessions


Certified Faculty Members

Associated institutions


Memorandum of Understanding with Universities

Faculty Development Program

This one week program includes sessions on latest trends, tools, discoveries, modeling, etc. in the field of glazing. Apart from theory sessions, there are extensive hands-on training and practical sessions as well as industrial visits to equip the faculty with the latest trends.

Owing to the extensive usage of Structural Glass in buildings
For the right selection& implementation of the glass using right practices
To create awareness on the recent tools and trends
Facilitated by Glass Academy Foundation

Valedictory and Assessment

Valedictory and Assessment

Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit

Master Trainers

Trainer Upgradation Module

With this program, one can successfully become a glass expert from merely a trainer. Skillfully crafted for trainers, this program trains the trainers to be more proficient and successful.

Certified Trainer
Competent Trainer

Post-Implementation Support

As a part of the glass curriculum, the glass academy offers complete support for its partakers through various opportunities that might be available in the field of glazing. The glass curriculum not just builds masterminds in glass, but also supports the participants post implementation.